General Chairman


General Chairman: Hugh H. Boulware



Dear Brothers and Sisters and friends,

Welcome to the website of ARSA Lodge 5041. This site is here for you. It is dedicated to help answer any questions you may have about your Union, your jobs, or your future. We hope you find it informational. We welcome pictures of you and your families to be posted. The events in your lives are important to us and we will gladly post them for you to see your children, or grand children, or yourselves on this site.


We are part of one the greatest Unions in the Industry. Your Grand Lodge is the TCU Transportation Communications International Union. The ARSA Division is your union. Together along with our Local representation is the best in the country. The TCU has done many great things for the Labor movement.

The ARSA Division of TCU is your UNION, and is always there for you. Feel proud to be a part of such a great Union and movement. You are the best Supervisors in the Country, and you provide a tremendous service for the Carrier.


Today we have a different profile with the Carrier. We have earned their respect because we pride ourselves on credibility, and fairness. We do not falter. We investigate every possibility to provide you with the best agreements and protections. I hope you enjoy this site and take advantage of all it brings. Please remember, “Uplift the poor, and fight for the working class.”